Networking and Self Promotion

I’m NOT an expert yet but I’m learning everyday how important it is to self promote.  Not just promoting yourself to your friends, but people that you don’t know.  Unique visitors to your blog/site/twitter/facebook and shows are extremely difficult but necessary.  We’re getting into the entertainment business, we’re going to be our own publicists for a while.  We need to learn how to put ourselves out there because no one else will.

I’m also realizing that a blog needs pictures.   People don’t like to read.  That means, I have to get some visually appealing pictures to grab the attention of the ADHD readers.

Moving on.

For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been trying to promote my campaign on indiegogo to get myself  to Chicago and study at IO theater for the summer. I thought that it was going to be hard but I had no idea.  NO IDEA.

After launching the Indiegogo campaign, I spent hours writing personalized emails to almost everyone I knew, updating facebook and using twitter.  It really seemed that very little was working.  I would get people to donate to the cause, which was amazing,  but most of the emails and messages I got back were people declining me if I got back a response at all.

This may seem like common sense but I needed to build that fan base.  A fan base where people were willing to donate to my cause because they believed in my ability to produce things.  People needed to know that I was really serious about comedy as a career.

I never would have thought that Twitter was a good marketing tool, but it is.  Gaining new followers, MUCH harder than I thought.  But I’m keeping on it so that I may have followers and have a better chance of getting people to know who I am.  I have to remember that everything I post is a representation of myself so I have to make sure that I’m careful of what I post.  Most times, I’m not careful because I have this huge resistance to being clean and mainstream.  That makes me sound like a hipster.

For more info:

Pretty much the same as Twitter.  Everything you post is a representation of you, so you have to make it the way you want others see you.  That could mean taking away drunk pictures, or adding more.

Make a blog about something specific, and post on it regularly.

Pretty soon after this post, I’m going to get myself on some youtube because I can get myself viewed by potentially millions of people.  Simple stuff, more extravagant stuff… I just need a constant viewership.  It’s a great tool.  I’m going to use it, You guys should too.

I would also try out some flyers, business cards and whatever else it takes to get people to notice you.  For the time being, be completely confident in your abilities because you’ll probably meet a lot of people who are not going to like what your doing.  Don’t let that stop you.  This is not a sprint, it’s a marathon.

ON THE REAL, people are going to expect you to be able to produce stuff.  It doesn’t matter how hard it is for you or the challenges that you are going through.  People can only judge you by what you’ve done.  So while you gain a fan base, you need to post up links of what you’re doing or have done.

Make videos, record your stand up, do shows, etc.  Continue working.

I spoke with Dan Eckman, Director of  “Mystery Team.”  His group, DERRICK COMEDY got a tremendous following on youtube.  I asked him what was the best advice that I can get if I wanted to get a large fan base.  He told me to just keep on making good stuff and eventually, (if it’s good enough), people will see it and follow.

I’m paraphrasing, ofcourse, but yea.  The process seems to be simple.  Make something good,  promote it, get a fan base.


One comment on “Networking and Self Promotion

  1. Angela says:

    Great tips. Keep going strong!!!

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